From a woman who understands your 81 cents in the bank moment... 



Dear Chrissy, 

Congrats on your “This Is Me” book launch! Also, i’m writing you to say thank you. Thank you for your real life story. The story you shared not just as Kate Pearson on This Is Us, but the story you’ve shared as Chrissy Metz. You’re a woman that persevered, and didn’t let your 81 cents in the bank moment define your worth. 

You are an inspiration, and it’s because you believed in yourself enough to go for that one last audition with the 81. cents you had left in your bank account the day you tried out for the part. This was before you ever landed the role as Kate Pearson, before you were nominated for a Golden Globe, had lunch with Oprah, or before Ellen, or Jimmy Fallon invited you on to their show. 

So you may be wondering why i’m writing you!

I’m writing you today because we have a few things in common. First, we have both been on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon! (Ask me about why I dropped my phone in the studio, and how I asked Michelle Obama out for coffee!)

Second, I would totally think I was being punk’d if Oprah invited me out for lunch. (But a girl can dream right!?) 

The third, and perhaps most special and unique thing we have in common, is that we’ve both had less than one dollar in our bank account, yet we didn’t give up. 

Your story is especially inspiring to me because I’ve been there in a similar moment, when I believed in my dream so much, that I didn’t do what seemed logical - like giving up on my dream or getting a full-time job to pay the bills.

A few years ago, I  started My Social Canvas to help the next generation of girls in high school and college design the life and career they love. We started out as a fashion brand, but we’re so much more. All our  collections feature designs created by women and girls to support scholarships, mentorship, and other programs that empower women and girls to live their best life. We have a campus community of over 100 colleges and high schools nationwide and we partner with non-profits around the world. While we have had some success and milestones over the years, it hasn’t always been easy.

But, I love waking up each day knowing that the company I’m building could help a young girl dream big in school and life. There were many times, I could have given up on this dream, but when you feel like something is your true calling, giving up on it, is far more difficult than continuing on. I believe in the power of mentors and strong female role models reminding us to never give up. Sometimes it's the little things, like the potential of hearing the story of another woman that persevered, that inspire us to keep dreaming big. I know your story kept me going during some of those times.

So I guess I better cut to the chase. A major network recently approached me and asked me to start a podcast, offering to produce and distribute it. The podcast name will be $7 Dreams. (To clarify, even though my account did hit an all-time low balance of 55 cents as shown by my bank statement above, the $7 in the bank moment was actually a turning point for me. And the $7 has a nice ring to it - so I went with that name!)

On the podcast, I’ll interview role models of mine that have inspired me along the way. I’ll ask them to share a time they could have easily given up but didn’t. I would be honored to have you as my first guest.

I know you said you always find yourself crying in bathrooms with strangers! That said, here's my last question - perhaps we could record the podcast in a bathroom? And if it's not too much to ask, could I bring a few of the high school and college girls I mentor so you can also remind them that it’s never time to quit?



Founder & CEO 

My Social Canvas