Meet Lisa


Since the beginning, the heart of My Social Canvas has been much more than business. My true passion has always been supporting young women and girls of all ages as they pursue their dreams in school, business, and life. I love going to work knowing that My Social Canvas has the opportunity to inspire the next generation of girls to dream big and design a life and career that not only looks good on the outside, but one that feels good on the inside too. 

In 2016, I had the opportunity to attend a summit hosted by the White House. It was a celebration that included conversations with change-makers ranging from Michelle Obama, to Oprah, to Gloria Steinem, and countless other women leading the charge for women and girls. 

As I walked into the first day of the summit, a wave of emotion hit me. I felt extremely humbled to be given the opportunity to connect and learn from some of the most inspiring women in philanthropy, business, and government. The three-day summit brought together thought leaders that are committed to breaking the glass ceiling for women and girls globally. It was such a sincere honor to hear from women that inspire me each and every day. 

As I sat there, listening to these brilliant and passionate women share their own stories of success, failure, and how they persevered, I realized that we all had something in common. Our success was in large part, due to the opportunities and support from great mentors we had along the way. That is why I consider My Social Canvas and our work through Design the Life You Love my true calling. What makes My Social Canvas different is that students and the next generation of women and girls are the heart and soul of our work. 

Our collections are all designed by women to benefit various non-profit partners, and each product tells a unique story sharing the womanís name, and their design inspiration. At the end of the day, our milestones are just as much the achievements of our students and the women in our community as they are our own.

I am honored and humbled to have the chance to wake up each and every day knowing that my job as CEO is so much more than a title, it is all about passing the torch on to other young women and students, and that is a pretty special feeling.