It's never time to quit, even with $7 in the bank


Although I’m a business woman and entrepreneur at heart, my true passion is service to others. I believe that if you build your career around generosity, there will never be too much success to go around. One specific turning point during my career was the moment when I had just $7 in my bank account. Living in NYC at the time, I was on the way to an important meeting and didn’t have enough in my bank account to buy myself a weekly metro card. Instead of giving up on my dream of building My Social Canvas, I took a screen shot of my bank statement showing $7 and hoped it would become a part of my entrepreneurial journey and story someday.

While there are so many people globally that have far less than I had during my “$7 moment”, it reminded me that each and every one of us will face challenging times in which we must keep fighting. Why are we fighting? We are fighting so we will get through that moment to share our story and encourage someone else in the future. If we don’t get back up, how will anyone else we meet keep fighting when they feel like giving up?

For that reason, I hope to celebrate and remind women to persevere. It’s never time to quit, even with $7 in the bank. No matter what you’re facing, whatever your “$7 moment” is — just know that you’re not alone. With enough hard work, patience, and resilience, you will find a way to design the life and career you truly love.