Honeymoon Volunteering - Our Dream Honeymoon


Over Thanksgiving weekend in 2017, I married the love of my life with a small group of family and friends. It was our dream wedding because we had the chance to not only celebrate our love, but also celebrate on a weekend that symbolizes gratitude and the expression of being thankful!

When Anthony and I sat down and started dreaming up our perfect honeymoon, we both realized that to us, the perfect honeymoon involved serving others and giving our time and talents to create change.  For that reason, we decided to travel several continents away from our home in New York City to Mumbai, India. And it was in Mumbai where we served alongside Vision Rescue to support their mission of empowering people to find their purpose and live with dignity.

It has always been in my heart to go out and create change. In 2015, I started My Social Canvas a social-impact fashion brand featuring designs by women, for women. Although we use fashion in our business model, this is so much more than fashion.

We’re on a mission to support programs that educate kids, empower women, and fund other non-profits to help them create change. We love to celebrate, honor, and feature the beautiful stories of women and their designs when we launch our collections to the world. Each design tells a special story featuring the woman’s name, sharing her photo, and what inspired her to create the design. Each design is made with love, by women, for women. 


The time Anthony and I spent with Vision Rescue in Mumbai will always hold a special place in my heart. It was in Mumbai where my husband and I started our honeymoon and our marriage. It was in Mumbai that I made new friends and family like Biju, Secunda, and the entire Vision Rescue team! It was in Mumbai when I met a group of women who will now be in my heart forever. I sat with these women as they showed me how to use their sewing machines and shared their designs with such pride, care, and love.

For all of these reasons, this collection is so much more than a scarf, a shirt, or a bag. It’s a story about the love, strength, and the dignity I saw in these beautiful women; these women who are part of my very own Global Sisterhood.

The “Love, Strength and Dignity Collection” features the stunning henna patterns and artwork created by the women I had the honor of meeting in Mumbai. We are now launching the designs to fund Vision Rescue’s vocational program. This will help the women in their program by funding their future and providing them with the training they need to launch a business, or find other forms of fair and sustainable work in their community.

These designs represent women and their stories, and they are a beautiful reminder that when one woman sets out to make even a small change in her world, she can develop a friendship with other women and girls even when they live continents apart. 

xo, Lisa